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How Does it Work?

As an activity provider, you can list your camp, classes and events for FREE on the SpikeBee online community. All information about the type of activity you offer, participation age ranges (if required), pricing, date ranges and location are available to potential registrants.

Through convenient search filters, SpikeBee makes it easy to quickly find your activity listing and registrants are able to quickly and easily register themselves or their family.

For more information on how SpikeBee works and how it can help you promote and manage your activities, download the SpikeBee Info Kit PDF below.

SpikeBee Info Kit (PDF) 

Common Questions

How does SpikeBee make money?

We charge people who register a 3.99% processing fee on any transaction, up to a maximum of $19.95. When you use SpikeBee to handle your registrations and payments, you receive payments as they happen; there is no holding period by SpikeBee before receiving your payment. Passing our processing fee onto the registrant means you receive your full activity price for each person who registers.

Do I need a Stripe Connect™ Account?

Yes, you will have to sign up for a Stripe Connect™ account to use SpikeBee’s registration platform. Stripe Connect™ is free to register and free to use. Stripe Connect™ charges 2.99% + $0.30 per transaction which is passed on to the registrant at checkout. Simply go to to register and you’ll be collecting payments in no time.

What if I already pay for a 3rd Party Registration Software?

We understand some of you are locked into long term, costly contracts with other third party registration software. We still want you to have all the amazing benefits of our online marketplace! You can still list your camp or class on SpikeBee for free and collect your registrations through your 3rd party system. We do ask that you consider using SpikeBee’s registration platform when your contract is up.


SpikeBee provides activity owners with a comprehensive dashboard that streamlines your administration processes. Activity details, registration, payment and registrant information are easily accessible via your internet browser.

How do refunds work?

When you use Stripe Connect™, refunds are quick and easy through your account. Refunds are based on your own cancellation/refund policy; this policy must be uploaded to the SpikeBee registration system when you create your activity. The processing and credit card fees paid when a registrant pays are non-refundable.

What are Boosted listings?

For only $1 a day, your activity is boosted and appears at the top of relevant searches for 30 days. Boosted activities appear in more searches, resulting in more people viewing your activity. You have full control over what you boost & when you boost it.