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SpikeBee connects Los Angeles & Area families to activities based on interest, age, location, date & cost. Our curated content saves you time searching and registering for camps, classes & events.

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SpikeBee Saves You Time

Finding awesome activities has never been easier

Interest, Date & Location

SpikeBee connects you with activities your child is interested in, and convenient for you to get to

Simple Scheduling

Your family is busy, we make it easier for you to schedule and plan activities

Individual & Team Activities

Your child's personality and interests can help guide your selection, allowing them to do what makes them happiest


Variety of Options

When it comes to matching the right activity for your child, a wide range of options is key

Happier Kids, Better Students

Children involved in extracurricular activites tend to be happier & perform better in the classroom


Involve Your Child in the Choice

Allowing kids to help choose their activities is beneficial for their self-confidence


Healthier Kids

That's the major purpose & value behind extracurricular activities


Building Structure

Kids excel when they have structure Enrolling in new activities helps enhance this

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Do Something Fun

Kids grow & learn when they have fun, making new friends and trying new activities lead to positive experiences


Try New Things

A young age is an ideal time to try a variety of activites


Increase Self Esteem

Enrol you child in activities they will have the most fun at

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